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Friday, July 24, 2015

Rochester, MN Home birth Story: Micah

Micah, our third child to bring into this world.  We started off with the typical hospital plan, but when things with that plan did not go as we would have liked we looked for another option. Home Birth. I had some experience with home birth. My oldest sister was currently finishing training as a midwife and birthed both her sons at home. My other sister had her third child at home as well. When I called my dad to tell him that I wasn't sure the original hospital plan would be working out, he immediately said we would be having our baby at home then. I am very lucky to have such support. My husband wasn't sure about the plan at first either, but once we explored all our options, it seemed to be the best one.

I attended a meeting of the Southeast Minnesota Birth Network to meet 2 of the home birth midwives in the area. I could tell from the first meeting with Leann that she was the midwife I wanted to be there. She was caring, involved, yet professional. I felt confident with her extensive resume that we had chosen the correct person.

Only a few weeks after settling on a midwife, I had a night full of hard and fast contractions. I opted to wait it out and they ended up settling down. But only a week later (at 33 weeks) they were back, this time I decided to head into Labor and Delivery. After lots of checking, they also turned out to be nothing and I officially had an irritable uterus.  This meant no more work and lots more rest.  Baby could be coming soon or wait a while.

Turns out we only had to wait until 38 weeks, but that also meant we had the home birth we were hoping and planning for.

We welcomed Micah Paul Scott on June 9th at 3:17pm. He weighed 6lbs 13oz and was 19.5 in long.

At around 6:30am,  I was barely awake when I thought I felt a couple light contractions and a possible gush. I was barely awake and stumbled to the bathroom only to realize my pajama pants were soaked. I really didn't think my water broke, but then again I really didn't think I peed myself either. Ryan was in the shower so I told him I was calling the midwife but to just go to work. I called the midwife and she opted to come and check (even though she spent the night at a birth and was just on her way back home!) It took her about an hour to get to us so was just after 8 when she arrived. Ryan had already left for work and I was getting the kids their breakfast. I felt another gush and noticed there was some bloody show this time. I called my sister and my parents and told them they should probably head out as they both had long drives. Once Leann the midwife confirmed it was my water that broke I was glad they were all on their way. She thought it could be hours though, so to just go about business as usual. She was going to head home but agreed to stay until Laura arrived.

At around 9:30am, I had another gush while the kids were asking for a snack. I said, get a cookie and watch as many shows as you'd like... :) It was a "yes" day. Annika though was pretty freaked when she saw the wet kitchen floor and started crying. I figured Ryan should probably come back at that point. So I texted him to come home. He arrived shortly before 10, which was a good thing because our new babysitter was scheduled to come at 10. She arrived to learn I was in labor and stepped in with no issues helping get the kids ready for swimming lessons.

Ryan then started to prepare our bedroom (since we had been a little pokey in doing so!) He blew up the tub, put plastic down etc... I wasn't feeling much at this point so was just trying to rest. Laura called about 10:30 and I had a contraction while on the phone with her... enough that I couldn't talk through it. Leann had been sleeping in our basement (that luckily was ready for my brother Scott to move into the next day) We continued talking and the contractions started coming every 10min.

Laura arrived around 11:30 and Leann came up as well to check on me. As she was coming in the room I had a bad contraction enough that I cried through it. Leann was asking me if perhaps she should just go back to Winona. I said no and that they were coming quicker. (7min apart now) By 12:30 I knew I was in hard labor and wasn't aware of much else. Leann and Laura began to prep everything. Ryan worked to get the tub filled, but that wasn't working.

At 2:00 Angie my photographer arrived and by 2:30 mom and dad arrived. Since the blow up tub wasn't working, I asked to get in my tub. I did and it felt so much better being in the water. I started pushing about 2:45, although I had no idea if I was dilated. I quick check by Laura revealed that yes, it was time to push. Pushing was tough. Ryan was supporting me from behind, but I was in a tough position and my back really hurt, I also felt like I was aware of everything. I felt the baby kick me from inside and then felt his head desend down. It didn't hurt as bad this time when he crowned. I felt down and could feel all his hair under the water, so cool. Next contraction and he was out. Laura and I lifted him out together onto my chest. What a cool thing to have him here and have it be finally over!

Mom and dad came in right away when he was out and then once I was moved to the bed, the kids came in to meet their new brother. Sister, Allison and nephew, Luke came over to meet him later on as well. It was so nice just being home and not worrying about so many people coming in and out (although enough people with just family!)