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LeAnn van den Bosch is a midwife who will be there for you and with you. She has more than 30 years of experience in women's health care: welcoming more than 700 babies, providing innumerable exams, diagnoses, prescriptions and hours spent guiding you and listening to your needs. 

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Southeast Minnesota Home Birth: Indira

Let me start out by saying the body does amazing things. I truly believe that had I not had issues Thursday late night early Friday morning with our noisy neighbors being up I would’ve gone into labor on Friday instead of Saturday. I told my husband Friday morning to be prepared because I felt labor would start between that day and Saturday. I called my midwife LeAnn Friday night and told her I had been having stronger contractions and wanted to give her a heads up, I believe my body knew just how exhausted it was because right around bedtime Friday night all contractions stopped and I got one of the best night’s sleep I had in a long time. It did help tremendously that my husband went out and warned the neighbors that we would not be having any issues with them being up late and being loud that night.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Rochester, MN, Two Great Homebirths - Benjamin and Hazel

When my husband Nathan and I found out we were expecting our first child in 2012 we immediately decided on a home birth.   With my husband being a chiropractor,  we truly believe that the body is designed to work for you and functions at  its best when there is less interference.  Planning a homebirth meant that we had a better chance of a drug free "natural" birth, a healthy mom and healthy baby!

Being pregnant for the first time I was excited but had normal concerns like any expecting woman.   Early on in my pregnancy I had some bleeding and I was worried.  I made my initial prenatal appointment at Mayo and met with the midwives a few times.  We had also been searching for our homebirth midwife.  We liked LeAnn right away and decided that we wanted her to be our midwife.  For the first 20 weeks I saw both LeAnn and the Mayo midwifes.  There was a distinct difference in the care I was receiving.  I decided it was unnecessary to be under Mayo's care and did the remainder of my prenatal care with LeAnn.  

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Southeast Minnesota Home birth story: Aubrey

When my husband Danny and I learned that we were pregnant with our first child in 2011, we did what a lot of soon-to-be parents do:  we called an obstetrician. Over the subsequent nine months, we did everything how we were “suppose to”. We went to our prenatal appointments, ultrasounds, and rushed off to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning after my water broke.  Everything about our first pregnancy and birth was something you’ve seen in any depiction of modern birth. Although everything had gone “textbook”, I felt as if my wishes and I hadn’t been honored and respected in the way I thought they should. I walked away from the experience of my first birth as just another woman through the revolving hospital door and it took me a long time before I could remember back to my beautiful daughter’s birth and not have that twinge of disappointment. I knew when we took her home that our next birth would be different. It would be on my terms.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Rochester, MN Home birth Story: Micah

Micah, our third child to bring into this world.  We started off with the typical hospital plan, but when things with that plan did not go as we would have liked we looked for another option. Home Birth. I had some experience with home birth. My oldest sister was currently finishing training as a midwife and birthed both her sons at home. My other sister had her third child at home as well. When I called my dad to tell him that I wasn't sure the original hospital plan would be working out, he immediately said we would be having our baby at home then. I am very lucky to have such support. My husband wasn't sure about the plan at first either, but once we explored all our options, it seemed to be the best one.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Southeast Minnesota Home birth story: June, April 2013

Unusual looks and concerned comments was what I got when telling my friends and family that Matt, my husband, and I had decided to have our new coming baby in our home. "You are crazy!" I do think was the most popular response, but our minds were already set. 

I didn't blindly jump into this decision, and I have to say my husband needed some convincing. So after books, blogs, and birth stories like this one he trusted me enough to jump on board. I know now better than ever that even though I wish more people would consider having their baby in their home it is NOT for everyone. 

My journey started with finding a Midwife. Not the easiest task for someone who lives in southern Minnesota. Trust me, the pickin's are slim. Luckily I found the most amazing woman to accompany me on my "journey" as my Midwife. She lived an hour and a half away, which was not the most convenient for travel over the Minnesota winter months, but she took me on without a doubt. We developed a relationship over the course of my pregnancy incomparable to any other. Our visits consisted of discussing not just "pregnancy symptoms" and blood pressure checks, but true compassionate conversations about what was going on in my life. About myself, my family, feelings, physical, emotional, the gauntlet... She truly cared, and it wasn't uncommon that our visits would last and hour and a half. And I never had to wait for her, she was always ready for me when I arrived with her door open and a hug. We truly became friends. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rochester, MN Home birth story: Desmond March 2013

My Water started to 'break' or leak Wednesday evening while I was home baking 4 dozen bran muffins, a double recipe of homemade chicken wild rice soup, and homemade yogurt. For those who don’t cook/bake, that’s a lot for one night. I didn’t realize this could possibly be the start of labor until my husband came home for dinner break with a weird look on his face at our counter full of muffins and everything else going on in the kitchen-all I said was, “Yeah, I’m making 4 dozen bran muffins, yum!” 

Upon realizing that the urge to cook was major nesting, I called my midwife; I wasn’t sure what the leakage was and we decided to keep an eye on it. My stomach was also cramping, it felt like menstrual cramps, and those painless Braxton Hicks started to tighten and actually hurt-another trigger that the homestretch was near. 

Mentally,I had prepared to go over a week or so since this was our first baby and a few days before our ‘guess date’ so I was a bit apprehensive in thinking we were going into labor soon. Earlier that week I even changed our due date from April 1 to April 10 for my peace of mind-to relax, as things could take a while.